Mainland Morning Quilt Guild
Founded September 15, 2005
Bee Buzz
Bees: :
Loose Threads 

Time:                 Wednesday, 08:00 am -noon

Place:               College of the Mainland 50 Plus Program location 
                         at 14057 Gulfway Plaza in La Marque,TX  Room 106

Activities:          Guild, community service, and personal projects

Over 40’s Bee 

Time:              Friday, 5:00 pm—9:30 pm

Place:            Old Police / Library Bldg; corner of Hood and Sealy; Alvin, TX 

Activity:          Guild and Personal Projects 

***Large space with ironing board, cutting mats, table space for pin basting, kitchen, ice and vending machines

Frayed Knots              

Time:                 Monday, 09:30 am-3:30 pm

Place:               Saint Mary's Catholic Church, Ponzini Hall, (behind the church)  
                         At 1604 9th Avenue, N., Texas City, TX.  

Activities:           Guild, community service, and personal projects