Community Outreach
Mainland Morning Quilt Guild
Founded September 15, 2005

MMQG serves the Galveston County community through our charitable activities involving quilting. Below is a list of the current project items and receiving organizations. The guild welcomes any donations of good quality cotton fabric, 1 yard or greater length is preferred, for the use in these projects. 

Project Items                        Organization Name

Baby Quilts                            Pregnancy Crisis Center 

Pillowcase w/drawstring       VFW Post 5400, Ladies Auxiliary, Santa Fe, TX

Veteran Quilts                       Nominated Veterans in Galveston County

Wheel Chair Lap Quilt           VFW Post 5400, Ladies Auxiliary, Santa Fe, TX

Wheel Chair/Walker Bag       Community Senior Citizen Group, 
                                              Galveston County Parks and Recreation; 
                                              Galveston County Extension Agent

Baby Quilts                            Pregnancy Crisis Center Texas City

Holiday Gift (varies by year)  Independence Villages and Hope Village

Donation Quilts                     Upon Guild’s approval of Requesting Organizations 

Instructions and Links to very helpful Tutorials to assist  with constructions:

Walker Bag:

By Jimmie Lanley - Sewing a Walker Tote Bag   or Website


By The Crafty Gemini - How to make a Pillowcase Burrito/ Sausage /Rolled up Method

Community Outreach 
Recommended Quilt Sizes for items:
    * Baby Quilts            40" x 40" (finished)
    * VA Lap Quilts         35" x 50" (finished)
    * Veteran Quilts        55-65" x 60-80" (finished)

Recommended "cut" sizes for items:
        * Pillow case:  Body Fabric-  27” x WOF;  Trim Fabric- 2 1/2” x WOF: cuff  12" x WOF
WOF = Width of Fabric (generally ~44")
Community Service Committee Documentation and Tracking

If you are making a quilted item (e.g., Valor quilt, VA lap quilt, Hope/Independence Village quilt, or baby quilt) for Community Service donation, please fill out the following form. If multiple people work on the project, complete the appropriate part and pass the form along with the work in progress to the next person. Once the quilt is finished, turn it over to the Community Service Chairperson or a member of Loose Threads Quilt Bee along with the completed form. The form helps us track our donations to meet State requirements for a community service organizations.

Information for Completed Individual Community Service Item form

f you are the person who actually delivers any Community Service items (e.g., walker bags, pillowcases, VA quilts, Valor quilt, Village quilts, baby quilts) to an organization, please fill out this form and turn it in to the Community Services Committee Chairperson. This form documents the details of our donations to meet State requirements for community service organizations. 

Summary Information for Donated Community Service Items form